Why You Should Throw a Weekday Birthday Party

While it may seem unconventional, there are actually several benefits to hosting a birthday on weekdays at Legends Event Center:

More Availability and Flexibility

Everyone is busy on weekends! Weekdays are routine for most, which means that your guests may have more availability to attend your party. They may also have more flexibility in terms of when they can arrive and leave, as they are less likely to have other weekend commitments.

Lower Costs

Weekday birthday parties can be more cost-effective than weekend parties. We offer lower rates on weekdays, as they are more available than our tournament-heavy weekends.

Less Crowded Venues

If you choose to celebrate your birthday on a weekday, you’ll find that our venue is less crowded. This means that you and your guests can enjoy a more intimate experience without feeling cramped or overwhelmed.

Quicker Cleanup

Weekday parties tend to be shorter and smaller than weekend parties, so cleanup will be quicker and easier. You won’t have to dedicate an entire day out of your weekend to the party, set up and clean up!

Unique Experience

Hosting a birthday party on a weekday can be a unique and memorable experience. Your guests may appreciate the change of pace and enjoy doing something different during the week.

Conveniently Located

Legends Event Center is centrally located in Travis Bryan Midtown Park. This means your weekday commitments, such as school and work, are nearby. Guests don’t have to worry about making a long trip to party!

Overall, hosting a birthday party on a weekday can have many benefits. From more availability and flexibility for your guests to lower costs and less crowded venues, there are several reasons to consider celebrating your next birthday on a weekday. So why not shake things up and try something new this year?

Book a birthday party on a weekday at Legends Event Center, and you’ll get an exclusive discounted rate. Shoot an email to birthdays@bryanlegends.com to book your next birthday party.