KBTX Provides Update on Progress at Legends Event Center

BRYAN Construction Photo

By Morgan Riddell

Published: Aug. 3, 2022 at 7:39 PM EDT

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – At $40 million, the new 120,000-square-foot Legends Event Center will be hard to miss in Bryan.

The project is on track to open this year with completion around November. This week, crews of over 100 people are working hard laying flooring, finishing electrical and doing some cosmetic details.

“In the ceilings, you’ll see all the equipment, it’s motorized, it comes down, nobody has to get up in there and lower anything by hand. We’ve got a concession stand over there,” Project Manager, Frank Clark, said. “They’re in here running data, the communication cables, painting the walls already in some of the areas.”

Clark has been overseeing the project since it started with a bare field next to a pond. Now, he’s excited about the progress but even more so for residents to see the center. He hopes their first glimpse will be a shock.

“‘Wow, we’re in Bryan, Texas.’ Well, anything’s possible, it just takes the will of the people and we’ve got a very good counsel. They just had the foresight to see into the future. And what this will actually do for Bryan, this will bring a lot of people to tournaments; basketball, volleyball, trade shows, you name it. I mean, we got a big facility here for that,” Clark said.

The General Manager for Legends Event Center, Jamie Cox, said he’s already seeing a lot of interest in the space.

“We’re already partnering with one of the largest volleyball clubs, Houston Skyline BCS, so we’re going to have a ton of young ladies in here the day we open the doors,” Cox said. “We’re going to have thousands of youth athletes from elementary school all the way through high school coming in and playing different sports, playing EA Sports. So I think it’s going to just show that there’s a big industry out there in the country beyond just your high school athletics and collegiate sports.”

But Cox says there is even more to the space. With something to do no matter your age or hobby.

“This is a multi-use facility, sports and nonsporting. So everything’s on the table, if you can do it indoors, we’re gonna look at it,” he said.

The project took place during a time of supply chain issues, especially affecting construction. But that won’t stop them from opening on time.

“We’re looking at being substantially complete by the end or the beginning of November. Right now, the schedule says Dec. 2 for completion. So barring weather and anything else, we’re still tracking on that work,” Clark said.

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